A HomePod for $ 199 Under the Beats Brand and Without Siri

The HomePod is not yet for sale in more countries than the initials and we already have rumors about a more affordable version of the Apple speaker. However, the similarities with other similar Beats products raise doubts about the true product that Apple has in hand.

HomePod made by Dre or Beats Pill + enhanced

The LoveiOS website (via 9to5Mac ) claims that a source close to Apple’s production plans that the company is preparing a new speaker after the launch of HomePod earlier this year. According to this information, MediaTek would be in charge of manufacturing this speaker.

Beats Pill

This Taiwanese company is known for manufacturing mid-range and low-end processors for Android smartphones, but also smaller consumer electronic devices such as DVDs, routers and optical readers for PCs. The HomePod, on the other hand, is manufactured by Inventec and Foxconn.

For this speaker, Apple would use the Beats brand that it acquired in 2014. Recall that Beats already had a range of speakers under the name of “Pill”, a pill in English for its elongated shape. A year after the acquisition, Beats launched the Pill + speakers with a price of $ 179.99.

That’s why the rumor about a HomePod under the Beats brand makes some sense. Three years ago that Pill + are not renewed and Apple could take advantage of the future arrival (with delay) of AirPlay 2 to iOS to incorporate this technology as standard.

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A Beats Pill + for $ 199 and without Siri

Taking into account the past of the Beats speakers, the other qualities that have been released according to LoveiOS makes sense. The price of this speaker would be $ 199 and would not have Siri or microphones to control the speaker.

Beats Pill

It would, therefore, simply a speaker connected and compatible with AirPlay, similar to those that already exist today and that we collected a few months ago. We would not be facing a HomePod without Siri or microphones to reach a cheaper price. It’s another product, with another name.

In the past, we have seen other rumors about a more affordable HomePod to bring the range to other pockets and uses. According to a recent report, HomePod has achieved sales of 600,000 units. Compared to other competitors like Amazon or Google they are a fraction, but you have to realize that their price of 349 dollars is almost 10 times more than an Echo Dot.

If these rumors materialize, we would see a speaker similar to the original HomePod and without cutting back on such decisive functions of the product as the audio quality or the connection with Siri. If the renewal of the Beats Pill + takes place, we would be before the confirmation of the continuity of the brand acquired by Apple. Since 2016 we have not seen new products or renovations of existing ones, which has caused doubts about their future.

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