Airbus is Developing a Rover to Send Soil from Mars to Earth

It is expected that the rover from Airbus will be able to independently build a route along the Red Planet and collect capsules with soil samples.

Airbus, one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, received $5.2 million from the European Space Agency for the development of a rover concept that can autonomously navigate Mars and collect harvested soil samples. If everything goes well, the rover based on the development of Airbus will be sent to the Red Planet in 2026.

Soil from Mars

According to the plans of NASA, in the future, several new rovers will be sent to Mars. One of them, which plans to launch as part of the Mars 2020 project, will drill and dig out the soil of the Red Planet, and then fill it with special tube-containers. The rover from Airbus should autonomously (independently building a route) move around Mars in search of these capsules with soil samples and put them into a special compartment. It is expected that the collection of all containers will take up to 150 days. After completing his operation, the Mars rover must find the rocket (on which he landed), unload all the collection tubes into it and shoot the spacecraft on the camera.

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The above will be implemented only if all the necessary rovers are built in time and the various agencies finally confirm the need for a mission to collect samples of the soil of Mars.

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Airbus is Developing a Rover to Send Soil from Mars to Earth
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