Airport Is Starting To Run Out Or Disappear Completely From Online Stores

A little less than a month ago we told you that the Cupertino firm decided to say goodbye to its line of routers definitively. Well, today you are seeing the results of this decision and that’s why, according to MacRumors, AirPort base stations are already starting to run out or disappear completely from Apple’s online stores and retailers.

The medium ensures that the base station remains available in limited quantities in selected countries, including Australia, Canada, Japan, and Singapore. Similarly, Apple stores in the United States have replenished AirPort Extreme stocks.

But the situation is not the same in European countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom, where the entire AirPort line is no longer on the list of Apple’s online store. It is possible that some of Apple’s retail stores still have remaining inventory in those countries.

Apple Airport

Airport will only be available while supplies last

When the apple company confirmed the news of AirPort said that their products would only remain available in the market while supplies last, so it was expected that the base stations began to disappear soon from stores.

Sources close to the company say that Apple began closing its AirPort unit in early 2016, to focus more on its “consumer products that generate most of its revenue.”

Via: Macrumors

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