Apple New Ad Highlighting The Portrait Lighting Of iPhone X

The company of the apple continues to publish announcements where it discloses the most important features of the iPhone X. In this opportunity, the turn was for vertical lighting, a mode that allows applying light effects on photographs, to give them a more professional look.

The commercial called ‘Study in your pocket’ shows how a woman pulls her iPhone X out of her pocket. And start seeing that a whole lighting team appears around her. The idea of this announcement is to publicize the scope of the Portrait Lighting function, which is available in the front and back cameras.

iPhone X

Watch iPhone X Ad Below

According to Apple, Portrait Lighting mode uses a series of algorithms to calculate how facial features interact with light. Thus allowing data to create unique lighting effects. Such as Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light and Stage Light Mono.

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Via: Macrumours

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