Apple Would Be Working On The Design Of A Flexible Hinge For Your Macbook

The European Patent Office recently published an Apple patent, where the company shows interest in developing a flexible hinge design, which would come incorporated into a new cover of a MacBook. According to the text of the patent, the hinge flexes as the laptop is opened, while the screen can be removed from the hinge, which would allow the laptop to be used in tablet mode.

This would be the design of an upcoming MacBook

Apple indicates that the idea is to create a laptop from a rigid material that has a flexible portion defined at a midpoint of the material. The flexible portion can allow the rigid material to fold in half and thus act as a cover for a laptop, in a way reminiscent of Microsoft’s Surface Book.


According to 9to5Mac, in addition to the added flexibility, this type of hinge design would apparently facilitate the manufacturing process, because the entire chassis could be created from a single material.

For now, there is nothing confirmed beyond this pair of patents, so we have to wait to know more information on the subject. The current generation of MacBook was introduced in 2015 and just a year later we saw the new design of the MacBook Pro.

Source: patentlyapple

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