Automobile Zombie Action Earn to Die 3 Released on Android in Trial Run Mode

Despite the apparent simplicity, Earn to Die at the time of its release became a very popular game. This is a project in which you need to pump your crazy car and go on it to crush a crowd of zombies.

The first part was downloaded more than 1 million times, being paid. The second was distributed on a free-to-play model and only on Google Play was more than 50 million players. Now it’s time to Earn to Die 3.

Earn to Die 3
Earn to Die 3

The game came out in trial run mode and so far it may not work in some regions. In the new iteration of the action race, the developers added new cars, upgrades for them and locations, making everything endless, adding the zombie mind and upgrading the physical model. The third part, of course, will also be free.

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