It looks like Apple has miscalculated with the iPhone X

At the company’s warehouses, there are many more smartphones and their components than the number of sold iPhone X.

Apple has left a huge stock of unsold smartphones iPhone X, the resource Digitimes, referring to sources in the supply chain of the American company. And these devices are three times more than the number of models already sold.

iPhone X
iPhone X

If you believe this information, then there is a very strange situation, because usually Apple accurately calculates the number of units of its smartphones, which should go on sale. However, sources say that these are not necessarily ready-made devices. Stockpiles can be represented by spare parts, hulls and other components for the iPhone X, which are most likely to be used in the production of the new iPhone.

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Even assuming that the company’s marketers really made a lot of mistakes, increasing the production of the iPhone X did not affect Apple’s production process in general.

The announcement of the flagship model the iPhone took place in September last year, and the smartphone came on sale only two months later. Manufacturers in the Apple supply chain claim to have encountered a shortage of TrueDepth sensor systems, which led to some delay.

This year, Apple is expected to release three new iPhone in the style of the iPhone X. One of them will get an LCD display and will be more affordable than the other two models.

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It looks like Apple has miscalculated with the iPhone X
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