New Chromebook Advertising Mocks the Flaws of Windows and macOS

Apparently, the marketing department of Google was inspired by advertisements from Samsung. Previously trolling in the commercials of the “corporation of good” was rare.

Google has released a new type of Chromebook for itself – it not only shows the features of the operating system Chrome OS (as it was in the earlier videos), but also ridicules the flaws of platforms from competitors in the face of Microsoft and Apple.

Chromebook Advertising

At the beginning of the new commercial from the “corporation of goodness” are shown the system errors with which every user of Windows and macOS operating systems from time to time collides. Google employees remembered the weary waiting for the download, accompanied by “hourglass” or “rotating rainbow circle”; about system errors that appear regardless of user actions; about annoying notifications of virus programs for Windows. Naturally, not without the famous “blue screen of death.”

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In the end, the “good corporation” said that Chrome OS is running fast and smoothly, and the Chromebook series devices last the whole day without recharging. Also, Google showed that on Chrome OS there are popular applications (in addition to proprietary services): Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, Netflix, Spotify, Evernote, Slack and PUBG.

The advertisement has definitely turned out to be interesting, but, in truth, it ridicules the irrelevant problems of Windows and macOS: in the newer versions of these platforms, arbitrary system errors are extremely rare, and the operating systems themselves work quickly and smoothly. And that on the platform from Apple and Microsoft there are many more games and programs, even no one will argue.

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New Chromebook Advertising Mocks the Flaws of Windows and macOS
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