Pokémon Arrives at the Switch With ‘Pokémon Quest’ & ‘Pokémon Let’s Go!’

Surprisingly and without warning, a few minutes ago Nintendo has just released a couple of bombs with the announcement, not of one, but two new original Pokémon games for the Switch, as well as the preview of another Pokémon title for 2019 that will arrive in RPG format.

The most spectacular of them is ‘Pokémon Let’s Go!‘, Which adapts much of what we saw in ‘Pokémon Go‘ for smartphones but now taking advantage of the benefits of the Switch. But the best way to explain it is by watching his presentation video.

Pokemon Let's Go
Pokemon Let’s Go

‘Pokémon Let’s Go!’

‘Pokémon Let’s Go’ is developed by The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Game Freak and the collaboration of Niantic, as this new title will have integration with ‘Pokémon Go’ in smartphones. This is a remake of ‘Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition’, which was originally released for GameBoy in Japan in 1998, only this time it is given a complete facelift to release a new character design, which in fact it will be the new image that it will have from now on.

Along with this game, announced the arrival of a new accessory, the Pokéball Plus, which will connect to the Switch and will serve to capture our Pokémon.

Pokemon Plus
Pokemon Plus

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