Robot-Stuntman from Disney Flies like Superman

Humanoid robots are developed for entertainment in theme parks and can easily replace any character, Marvel. Modern computer technologies in the film industry allow you to do most of the work for actors and even for stuntmen. However, robots can do their bit, if it is, of course, the robots created by Disney Imagineering.

Disney shared with TechCrunch its achievements in the field of animatronics. The engineers of the company develop robots capable of performing various tricks. Often these are humanoid, usually static machines designed to entertain people in theme parks. However, Disney Imagineering has a very unusual project called Stuntronics, in which a robot stuntman is created.


This humanoid machine performs tricks no worse than a person. With built-in sensors and a laser rangefinder, the robot can adjust its position in the air during the jump and before landing, committing a flight like some superhero from comics. In his current form, he is humanoid, but if pressed, he can easily turn into any character from the Marvel universe.

In Disney Imagineering has long been working on the creation of robot acrobats. Initially, these were the simplest mechanisms called BRICK (Binary Robotic Inertially Controlled bricK) – essentially a metal bar equipped with sensors to track its position, which could change the center of gravity and affect the moment of inertia. Next came Stickman – a more complex robot, consisting of three rotating segments. And the top of the development of this concept so far is spintronics.

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The company did not admit to which theme parks its robots eventually end up, but now their capabilities are very impressive. It is possible that these humanoids can become doubles when performing tricks on the filming of a film.

Via: Theverge

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Robot-Stuntman from Disney Flies like Superman
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