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Yelena Helen: Hello, my name is Yelena Helen and I am the founder of TechVerses Tech Blog which is dedicated to bringing you easy to understand guides, Trends from the world of Technology and Latest News about new Inventions and Updates of previous Works. I enjoy learning about new topics and new facets of subjects I’ve already covered. I write creatively, choosing words carefully for maximum clarity, effectiveness and readability.

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Dimitry PyotrDimitry Pyotr: I am a 24 years old boy looking forward to becoming the top blogger in the world.  I work efficiently because my writing is influenced by the broader experience of the world, and I know how to work well with people and deadlines. My writing is a unique recipe devised for the project in question, and I’m careful to mix marketing, professionalism, colloquialism, SEO and intrigue in creative combination.

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