The AirPort Express Refuses to Die and Reappears in the iOS 12 Beta

Even with the official confirmation that they will not sell anymore and with their stocks disappearing progressively from stores all over the world, the AirPorts continue to take some last throes. After doing it temporarily in the beta of iOS 11.4, now the AirPort Express has reappeared as an accessory of HomeKit in the beta of iOS 12.

The difference from the last time is that now the AirPort Express is available in the Casa application to be added as an accessory in HomeKit, but if we try there is an error in the system that prevents it (and you do not have to blame anyone, remember that this is a beta).

AirPort Express
Apple AirPort Express

An error that will soon disappear

AirPort Express Error
AirPort Express Error

Is there room for hope? I’m afraid not. Apple has already officially confirmed that it will not sell more AirPort Express or other access points of that range, and this appearance must be a vestige of code that will be forgotten in the repository of betas. My personal prediction is that this will disappear in the next iOS 12 betas.

Putting us optimists perhaps Apple is trying a new type of device to get into HomeKit, but for now, there are no rumors about it. We insist: what is to be expected is that in a matter of weeks the Airport will disappear from the stores.

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