The Magisk Module Transfers the Android P Chip to the Old Version of the OS

One of the notable innovations of Android P Developer Preview 3 is 157 new emoji, which are part of the Unicode 11.0 encoding. But not every smartphone will receive an upgrade to Android P, and older versions of the system without Unicode 11.0 are not able to display new characters and replace them with empty squares. Developers-enthusiasts from the well-known site XDA-Developers solved this problem with the help of a small module for Magisk.

The updated set of Emoji 11.0 includes 77 unique emoji. The remaining 80 are variations that demonstrate racial differences. New emoji symbolizes human emotions, food, dishes, animals, household items and even physical phenomena. Separately it is worth noting extravagant emoji with a vampire, zombie, fairy, gin, magician, superhero and other fictional characters. The list of new symbols is very diverse, in spite of the fact that some emoji did not fall into the specification of Unicode 11.0.

Android P Developer Preview 3
Android P Developer Preview 3 Emojis

In addition, the modification of Android P Fonts & Emojis adds updated fonts from Android P DP3. To install it, you need the latest version of Magisk and Magisk Manager. We talked in detail about installing and using Magisk, as well as about the most interesting modules for it.

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