The Rebirth of Nokia: Same Brand, New Customs

At times it may seem that he never left, but Nokia was several years out of the game in the mobile market. Since Microsoft decided to absorb their phones under their own brand until Nokia was able to return to join the field hand in hand with Android, spent some time. And it’s been a little more than a year since his official return.

Do not confuse this new Nokia with the old, the developer of Symbian, Meego or Maemo, but there is no doubt that your brand still has weight because, after a year already in the market, the fruits begin to arrive. And maybe these fruits have better taste than initially expected. The latest data from Canalys say that Nokia is going from strength to strength in Europe, and the rest of the world already feels its growth.

The Rebirth of Nokia

Fifth in Europe, eleventh worldwide

The latest data worldwide corresponded to the last quarter of 2017. In those three months, Nokia put into circulation 4.4 million mobile phones, which served to close the year with a 1% share worldwide and to be the eleventh manufacturer in the world.

The new data, now relative to Europe, augur a good future for the Finnish brand that never stopped being, only changed manufacturer. HMD has put 1.6 million phones in the hands of European citizens, which serves to reap 3.5% of the share of the old continent and to be the fifth largest mobile manufacturer in the region.

With the classics Samsung, Apple and Huawei leading, only the great irruption of Xiaomi in Europe has deprived Nokia of being above. The Chinese have sold 2.6 million phones in the same period, and have earned their 5.3% European share. The quota that should not stop growing, then remembers that Xiaomi still continues to disembark in different countries of the European Union.

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Unfortunately, and as for Nokia, there is no data on which phones are the best functioning of their increasingly broad catalog. For now, the Finnish manufacturer is already immersed in the circuit of renovations, and possibly in the future, we have more detailed data on the performance of its different ranges.

It seems that the new Nokia is curdling. Many of its terminals are still not seen on the street, but the figures are quite promising and everything indicates that the Finns will continue their upward curve. The latest models have been well received critically, we will see if they do so in terms of sales.

Via: Canalys

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The Rebirth of Nokia: Same Brand, New Customs
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