YouTube will Show Audio Quality Settings

Launched last month around the world, the YouTube Music service will have a long-awaited function.

YouTube Music started its work last month. The service provides access to a huge library of songs and clips. The lack of the ability to separately control the quality of audio and video when caching is a major drawback for many users with a less stable Internet connection. In the code for the new beta version of the Android application, the rows responsible for this option were found.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music Audio only

Currently, the user has the right to choose only the quality of the video or even download only audio. In version 2.39, the following lines are found:

<string name = “pref_offline_audio_quality”> Audio quality </ string> <string name = “pref_offline_video_quality”> Video quality </ string>
<string name = “offline_audio_quality_high”> High </ string> <string name = “offline_audio_quality_low”> Low </ string>
<string name = “offline_audio_quality_normal”> Normal </ string>

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This may mean that in the near future Google will allow you to choose between low, medium and high quality audio. That’s less, at the moment it’s impossible to tell when the function will appear in the stable version of the application.

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YouTube will Show Audio Quality Settings
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